Enterprise Communication & Collaboration

id4org helps build your digital workforce and redefine the modern digital workplace. With id4org’s unified communication and collaboration (US&C) solutions, we help organizations reduce operational cost, increase productivity and inclusivity, and enhance agility and competitiveness.
Seamless real-time communication
id4org offers a unified real-time communication solution which allows seamless real-time audio and video communication with features like:

  • Instant chat & messaging.
  • Video conferencing
  • Sharing screens, whiteboards, photos, videos, and files, etc.
  • Interactive
  • Easy to use
  • Connection from browser or Apps
  • Ability to invite external participants
  • Up to 250 people in the audience
An integrated solution
id4org offers an integrated SaaS solution with smartly curated functionality and features, fitting organizations of all sizes, natures, and complexity, while their own identity is maintained.

  • A white label web portal and custom branded app (iOS and Android)
  • Intranet of organizations
  • Local community interaction and collaboration platform, share events, opinion polls etc
  • Website content collaboration
  • Integrability with all other solutions and apps
  • Team building
  • Easy document management and reporting
  • Access expertise anywhere
Event management, crowdfunding, and public surveys, more accessible than ever.

Traditional ways of managing an event, crowdfunding, or opinion polls could be time consuming and chaotic. With id4org, you could manage the whole process with ease through a completely online process, making things easier, and participants happier. You are always in control during the entire process.
  • A complete online process
  • Easy to use
  • Full visibility throughout the entire process
  • Always in control
  • A pleasant digital experience for organizers and participants
Building an ecosystem

id4org facilitates organizations to build or expand their ecosystem. All participants in the ecosystem benefit from enhanced communication and collaboration.

  • Community engagement portal
  • A multi-prong approach to social networking
  • Engage customers and external stakeholders anytime and anywhere